Bulkhead Light Fixtures Make Versatile Yard Lights

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February 28, 2013 by lindalightinglady

bulkehad lightLooking for some unique yard lights?  Try bulkhead lights.  Bulkhead light fixtures are a type of yard light fixture that is often at least somewhat nautical themed and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your residential or commercial property.

Wall Mount Lights

Wall mount yard lights lend a nice type of light to any outdoor area.  Using bulkhead lights like these shown here as wall mount lights will add an element of style all their own.  Install bulkhead yard lights along the side of your building to light a walk way, on the side of your garage to light the parking lot or other area for effective lighting that looks amazing too.

Barn Lights

Mounted on the inside or outside of your barn, bulkhead lights bring a certain style to your property that other types of yard lights just don’t have yet are bright as well so make a helpful addition to have around when doing chores at night.  Most versions are water resistant as well.

elongated bulkhead light in whiteEntry Lights

Whether on your home, office, store or other type of property, entry lights are essential and bulkhead lights make excellent ones.  They’re stylish and bright and perfect for any type of entry way.

Deck Lights

A deck or patio can often be an interesting place to light, especially if it has no roof overhead.  Bulkhead lights can help though.  They can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall which makes them ideal for any type of outdoor area like this.

In addition to these outdoor areas, bulkhead lights make excellent indoor lighting too.  Used in the bathroom, lounge area, bedroom, etc. these are fun fixtures with a style all their own.  Use them to bring a flair to your space while lighting your way as well.

To find out more about bulkhead lights and yard lights in general, visit eLights.com.  They’ve got everything you need to complete any indoor or outdoor lighting and it’s ready to ship today, directly to you and often for Free!  Stop by eLights.com today and enjoy all the benefits of bulkhead style yard lights at your property.

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