Wall Mount Outdoor Lighting | Ideal for All Seasons

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March 7, 2013 by lindalightinglady

wall mounted lantern on rustic wood wall with windowWhen looking for outdoor lighting fixtures, many consider spring, summer, and fall, but forget to plan for the unique challenges of winter.  Landscape lights, while easily able to weather storms and cold weather, do require some considerations in order to light you way all year long.

Of course, one of the most important issues to plan for when considering outdoor lighting fixtures during the winter is snow fall and snow removal.  In areas of your property were snow piles up from plowing, shoveling, wind drifts, roof melt, etc. wall mount outdoor lighting fixtures are your best friend!

Choosing to mount your landscape lights on your wall where they’re up and out of the way ensures your lighting will not only be bright throughout all the seasons, it will also save you time and money through reduced fixture replacement costs, no special protections required (as would be w/ground mounted landscape lights), and, you’ll also have an increased piece of mind when shoveling or plowing since you don’t have to watch out for the landscape lights.

There is also a large selection of wall mount outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from these days.  Here are a few of our favorite types of wall mount landscape lights that will work on any property throughout every season of the year.

Flood Lights

Flood lights can be used on the ground but also installed on the side wall of a building for example to get them up off the ground.  Outdoor flood lights mounted on the exterior wall make an ideal landscape lighting solution for all seasons on nearly any type of property including residential, commercial, and even industrial.

Lanterns and Wall Sconces

Wall sconces come in a variety of shape, sizes, and styles.  A common wall sconce that is easy to use within almost any type of landscape lighting plan is a lantern.  Lantern wall sconces look great and can be used successfully in any climate, any time of the year.

Entry Lights

In addition to being mounted on the wall, entry lights can be mounted in many different ways to brighten the entrance to you home or business.  They can be installed on pillars or posts, hung from or recessed into the porch ceiling, or other option depending on you application.  However you choose to install them though, entry lights are an excellent choice for easy four season outdoor lighting.

Designing your outdoor lighting plan is fun and all types of lighting should certainly be considered.  However, as you can see, choosing wall mounted landscape lighting fixtures has its advantages!  Whatever type of landscape lights you choose, head over to eLights.com so you can get everything you need for a successful outdoor lighting install all at one place – and all for a great price!

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